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Concrete Resurfacing

Monaco Concepts offers concrete resurfacing in popular patterns such as Versailles and Tri-Flagstone, as well as polished concrete for interior and exterior spaces.

Concrete Art Resurfacing

Monaco Concepts offers ideal solutions to improve the appearance of concrete around your home with a quality resurfacing system that cost-effectively beatifies the area. By installing a layer of new concrete coating over the old surface, we can produce the color, texture, and pattern you want without spending a fortune on materials and labor. The result is that dated, damaged, or worn concrete surfaces will be more functional and more attractive. Not only can we renovate old or faded surfaces, but we can enhance concrete that is in good condition with beautiful colored stains as well as stenciling or engraving to give a decorative look to the surface. Whether you need a report or a facelift, Monaco can deliver the results you want.

What Is Concrete Art Resurfacing?

When concrete is worn and deteriorated, one way to fix the problem is to remove the old material and repour the area with new concrete. The modern, cost-effective way to improve stability and appearance is to apply multiple thin layers of concrete over the old surface. The resulting surface will not only have restored function but can be a new color, texture, or pattern.

When surfaces are too deteriorated, we might recommend replacement, but our process will work in most situations. The process is useful for:

  • Hiding surface imperfections
  • Covering unsightly concrete
  • Improving discolored concrete
  • Repairing cracks
  • Updating finishes

Monaco Concepts specializes in revitalizing old concrete surfaces by covering them with decorative coatings or stamped overlays that make the concrete look like higher end stone products. To prepare for the process, we first fill small cracks and holes with primer, reinforce with fabric, and cover the fabric with cement. Then we apply several coats of polymer concrete, which we can stamp to create a pattern or texture.

When finished, the surface looks like it is made of travertine, granite, rock, cobblestone, brick, flagstone, wood planks, and more as the color and texture mirror these materials. To achieve the appearance, we stamp in the patterns so that the resulting surface has grout lines, dimension, and what appears to be square or irregular pieces of stone. We can even add a border with a different color or stamping for contrast.

The Look Of Resurfaced Concrete

We can create whatever look you want for the inside or outside of your home with our dynamic resurfacing system. Some of our most popular looks include:

Versailles Tile Design

Inspired by the palace of Versailles in France, the Versailles or French Stone Pattern uses four sizes and shapes of stone laid in a repetitive pattern. Common sizes of the four components are 8”x8”, 8”x16”, 16”x16”, and 16”x24”. The individual stone might have tumbled finishes with saw cut edges or non-tumble finishes with chiseled or shaped edges. When the Versailles pattern is created in resurfaced concrete, the pattern repeats even though it created by stamping the concrete rather than laying separate stones. The Versailles design is appropriate for all indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Tri-Flagstone Design

Unlike the Versailles pattern, which is comprised of square of varies sizes, the tri-flagstone design is comprised of triangles and quadrilaterals with non-parallel sizes that replicate the irregular shape of natural flagstone. When this pattern is stamped on concrete, the result is natural, rustic, and unique. The concrete can be stained to mimic genuine flagstone in any color you prefer.

Polished Concrete

By mechanically grinding, honing, and dry polishing concrete with bonded abrasives, concrete can be polished to replicate the appearance of marble or granite. The result is a low maintenance surface that is not slippery and resistant to mold growth. These qualities make polished concrete desirable for pool decks and other outside surfaces such as a patios, driveways, and walkways. Polished concrete is a popular interior flooring that is sustainable and long-lasting, whether you have us pour a new floor or retrofit an old one with a topping slab of new concrete.

Interior Flooring

Just as outdoor surfaces can be enhanced with resurfaced concrete that replicates other materials, interior concrete floors offer a myriad of colors, textures, patterns, and finished that replace wood, carpets, linoleum, tile, and stone. While concrete does not add the warmth of carpet to the a room, they are durable, pet-friendly, non-allergic, and free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) common in some flooring choices. They are durable and stylish options for entryways, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and more.

Choose Resurfaced Concrete From Monaco Concepts

Concrete resurfacing allows you to repair, renovate, or update your home using a unique process that both eradicates damage and creates a new look. You can go from cracked, stained plain concrete on your patio, driveway, or walkway to a surface that looks like costly stone in a few days.

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