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Driveway Pavers

Just because driveways are the necessary way to enter housing and condominium developments and commercial buildings does not mean that the surface underneath has to be all function and no appeal.

While traditional driveways are poured asphalt, poured concrete, or gravel, some of the most beautiful driveways are made of stone. When you have Monaco Concepts as the contractors and installers of paving stones, concrete pavers, brick, or permeable pavers on your driveway, you will have an easy to maintain surface can even eliminate the bane of driveways, storm runoff.

Considerations When Selecting Driveway Pavers

When deciding about the best material to use for driveway pavers, you need to be concerned with several factors:

  • Appearance
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Storm water handling

Driveways contribute to the curb appeal of the homes in your area. The ideal is to have a material that will not fade, is less likely to crack, and is easy to repair. A brick driveway has always been a classic element for a home, while paving stones offer an upscale look to any development and can play a part in increasing neighborhood values when used in residential development projects. Brick and stone are durable enough to last for years and easy to maintain by removing and replacing individual stones.

Depending on the amount of vehicular traffic you will have on the surface, natural stone pavers and clay brick products, as well as many permeable paving products, are able to handle great amounts of weight under pressure. A street or commercial driveway at an office building that experiences ongoing vehicle traffic needs to be stronger than a residential driveway that may only have a couple of cars consistently using it.

In California, overburdening the sewers is a major concern, which is why interlocking pavers, especially the permeable variety, have become a popular solution for driveways. Water that hits the driveway from gutters and downspouts can be directed down into the soil rather than into storm sewers. Permeable pavers have proved their ability to withstand traffic without seeking from weight or settling due to soil erosion.

Choosing The Best Driveway Contractor For Design And Installation

If you are ready improve your property with a beautiful paver driveway, Monaco Concepts is ready to be your partner. In business for 20 years, we promise you a top-notch job. Everyone can say they are best but as the owner of Monaco, I say say “Let My Work Speak for Itself!”

Not only do our customers agree with this, but we also offer an unheard-of warranty.

WARRANTY: We are so sure of the longevity and quality of our finishes, that we offer lifetime warranties as long as you contract with Monaco to re-apply sealer every five years.

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