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Patio And Pool Deck Pavers

Your patio and pool deck represent a large investment in your yard that offers function for outdoor activities. In California, since patios and pool decks often flow together, the paving material you choose must meet strict criteria that make interlocking pavers the ideal choice. Creating the best outdoor space depends on the knowledge and experience of the pool and patio installation and design contractor you choose. Monaco Concepts has two decades of experience in creating livable outside areas marked by compelling design and excellent workmanship.

You want the materials that comprise this valuable outdoor flooring area

  • To be attractive, yet durable enough to withstand cracking from settling
  • To withstand damage from weather or use
  • To be smooth, but not slippery when it's wet or dry
  • To be cool on the feet
  • To be resistant to algae and mildew that can attach itself to the surface
  • To withstand saltwater chlorination from pools

Creating Your "Outdoor Flooring" With Patio Pavers

Pavers are available in many materials and styles to create a custom look for your patio and pool deck. You can choose a brick patio or paving stones made from stamped concrete, interlocking concrete, rubber, or natural stone such as granite, limestone, sandstone, travertine, marble, bluestone, or more.

Your contractor can explain the advantages of each material and how they perform in near the pool. They are often available in tones of tan, copper, rust, orange, brown, and a range of blues, purples, and greens.

Your patio pavers need not be laid in a boring design. The experienced team of artists at Monaco Concepts can lay them in patterns such as zigzag, running bond, herringbone, parquet, or custom patterns of your choice. The total shape of your patio can be square or rectangular, as well as oval, oblong, octagonal, diamond shape, hexagonal, and more. Interesting effects can be created by using multiple types of stone.

Pavers are an excellent material for patios as the space between them encourage rainwater and splashes of water from the pool to absorb into the ground between the individual stones rather than run off the surface or form pools of standing water.

Pool pavers make great slip resistant decks, but they are useful for adding desirable features to pool installation such as sitting walls in the pool to allow for place to sit and take in the sun. They can also be used for safe yet beautiful steps in the pool, as well as walkways leading up to it.

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