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Retaining Walls

When you need to correct grading or drainage issues in your yard, a retaining wall made of pavers is the perfect solution. Retaining walls facilitate drainage and prevent dirt spill off on sloping land while adding an aesthetic touch to your yard. Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and textures, walls made of pavers are easy to install, and can be designed to match driveways, walkways, and patios for an integrated look in the backyard.

Retaining walls made with interlocking pavers can be straight or curved and incorporate steps and corners as your yard layout requires. Just like when the stones are installed on a horizontal surface, they are usually placed with no mortar between them to allow for flexibility in the case of slight earth movements, With support buried on the backfill behind the wall, they need no concrete footers, yet they stabilize the wall so that it can be built as high and deep as needed. In the handles of an experienced contractor such as Monaco Concepts, construction to code is fairly quick and the results effective.

By supporting vertical slopes of soil, they help keep soil in place that would collapse. So long as the wall is constructed with proper drainage, soil will stay in place. The technicians at Monaco will assess the need for drainage systems that will keep the wall stable while regulating the water in the yard.

Paving stone are also the perfect material for other freestanding walls in your yard, as well as columns and arches and the siding part of your home.

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